AIandLearn provides an interactive GUI to solve variety of machine learning and data science problems in few clicks. The basic version has capability of nice visualizations of results and has inbuilt algorithms for solving classification, regression, clustering, categorical, and many other problems. AIandLearn will offer  monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions as well as trial version.  In present version, we are offering subscription for unlimited time for only $58.00.

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Service 2

AIandLearn also helps designing and creating new packages for client ,  based on their custom needs. Apart from design and development, AIandLearn provides data analysis report for variety of data.

Service 3

AIandLearn GUI is an efficient tool that have been tested for various challenging and standard data science problems. The tool is equally useful for business as well as for educational purpose. Current version is highly useful for housing market, healthcare, banking, aviation, science and engineering, as well as rapid analysis for variety of data science problems. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Saving time is one of the great assets now a days. AIandLearn eliminates hours and hours of work to solve data science problems. The simplified user friendly interface can provide output and predictive analysis in few clicks.

No specialized programming skills are needed. The operation of current package is very straightforward and simple. All instruction have been provided in help files as well as some video links.

The present version is designed for desktop/laptop computers. However, mobile friendly apps will be available very soon.

AIandLearn will provide a comparative analysis for all models, their output, comparison of errors, r-squared values, as well as graphs for comparison. Fine tuning is possible by changing various parameters.

The present module has both classification and regression tools. Adequate tools have been provided to find various types of errors and accuracy calculations. These values can be obtained by clicking appropriate buttons.

Team AIandLearn will include video tutorials to learn module operation. Links are: